DIY BOTTE de NOËL en papier mâché | Décoration de Noël – activité artistique pour enfant

DIY BOTTE de NOËL en papier mâché | Décoration de Noël – activité artistique pour enfant

CHRISTMAS BOOT Christmas decoration paper mache.

To create your Christmas boot you need: • From newspaper • In several pieces of cardboard • A roll of paper towels • A roll of tape • In liquid white glue • A pair of scissors • Two or three brushes • From acrylic, tempera or gouache • From décopatch paper (or paper scrapbooking or paper Christmas gift packing, Christmas or paper towels) • From painting "Primer Gesso all media" or white paint • From sequins • From varnish sealer or varnish Décopatch for acrylic paint or tempera • And cups yoghurt pots for glue and paint Take 2 newsprint double sheets and put them into one another.

Draw on double sheets of paper the shape of the boot Christmas.

She must have this size: 28 cm high, 28 cm wide.

The width of the top of the boot is 15 cm.

Cut the shape you've drawn.

Glue the edges with tape everywhere except on the top of the boot.

Puts the cut shape and well taped to your hand to open and form the boot.

Is careful not to tear when handling.

Applies glue to a piece of cardboard.

Puts the boot on your hand and glue the bottom of the carton.

Move your hand gently into the boot pinning it so it fits well on the cardboard.

Rest a bit in this position a few seconds for the glue sets well.

When your boot stands alone, you can remove your hand.

Fill the bottom of the boot with crumpled newspaper to keep its shape.

If you tore your form a bit, it's not very serious, we will pick the next.

Cutting strips of newspaper that you imbibes glue and you SHAPED on your form to solidify well overall.

Let dry for 12 hours.

Cut the cardboard protruding flush with the bottom of the boot.

Place the boot on a piece of cardboard and draw the shape of the sole.

Cut three forms of the same sole.

Glue them well on each other.

Cover with a very heavy object, lay them on a paper towel and allowed to dry.

Let dry for 12 hours.

Glue the boot on the sole.

Applies glue and paper towels to fully link the two forms.

Cutting and rolls of newsprint to make an appearance fur collar for your boot.

Glue it with pieces of tape and apply strips of kitchen paper and white glue.

yet some glue strips of newspaper to solidify, unify and smooth the entire shoe.

Let dry for 12 hours Applies paint "Primer Gesso all media" or white paint to unify and prepare the boot before the final decoration.

Paint it so at first, entirely in white.

Let dry.

Let dry thoroughly before moving to the decor.

Decorate it your way.

You can paint or paste décopatch paper.

You can also glue glitter.

If you have not décopatch of paper, you can apply the gift wrapping paper or paper towels on the theme of Christmas.

You cuts into pieces before gluing them on the boot.

You can mix the two techniques of collage and painting.

After your boot let dry a day or two, you can varnish fully.

Small tips or additional changes If you want to create a well rounded shape of your boot.

Serre well the middle of your boot with tape, thus creating the desired shape.

Applies strips of newspaper and glue to solidify the form as usual.

To create your heeled boots.

Cutting their shapes out of cardboard.

Glues them as soles, let dry thoroughly and then glues them on your boot still applying some newspaper or paper towels.

For your Christmas boot is not too deep, we will completely close the lower part of the shoe and we remain sufficient space to put surprises and gifts.

Put a little bit of crumpled paper in the shoe then glue on top of newspaper strips to close well and smooth the shape inside.

The boot is made.

Your Christmas boot is ready to be filled with small gifts surprises, treats or gingerbread.

Avoid still any direct contact with food.

Packaged candies, chocolates or gingerbread in the food bags before introducing them into the boot.

Do not forget pretty ribbons to decorate your little bags filled with gifts 🙂 Congratulations! You have a nice Christmas present! Happy Birthday !! And soon with a new creation Coukibouki.

Source: Youtube