Hi everyone I'm Roxy and in this video I wannashow you some super cool DIY school supplies and we are gonna start with customizing our pencils;what we need is : pencils, acrylic paint, brushes and a marker.

If you don't wanna stainthe metal part of the pencil, just put a little bit of scotch tape on there and then, paintyour pencil with the color of your choice.

Then wait until the first layer of paint driescompletely, and now you can do a second layer.

When this one is dry too, you can remove thescotch tape and now let's grab our marker and write our name or our favorite quoteson our pencils.

–and that's it! this is the final result! Now I'm gonna teach how to dosome super cute ORIGAMI BOOKMARKS what we need is: origami paper or colored paper, glue,scissors, and if you don't wanna make them with paper, some plastic eyes.

We are gonnastart with folding a square of colored paper in half like this creating a triangle then,I'm gonna grab the right bottom corner and I'm gonna fold it upwards and I'm gonna dothe same with left bottom corner and now I have a square again.

Now I'm gonna unfoldeverything, I'm gonna grab the top corner and I'm gonna fold it downwards like thisand finally I'm gonna tuck inside this little pocket the two bottom corners.

And that'sit! Now, you can put the eyes on the side that has a triangle shape or you can turnit around, tuck in the other side like this and decorate the smooth side.

Since this coloredpaper was gray, I decided to do TOTORO.

I glued the eyes in place, I drew the nose,the whiskers, I cut the ears and then I attached them And that's it! a SUPER CUTE TOTORO BOOKMARK!Now it's your turn! be creative because with this method you can make any character youwant! These are all the characters I made, which one is your favorite? and now I'm gonnashow you how to customize your BACKPACK this is my high school backpack and you can stillsee some notes that my best friends wrote on it! so many memories! But today we aregonna make it look SUPER COOL AND BRAND NEW! First we are gonna add to our backpack somepatches! you just need to heat up the part of the backpack where you want to put yourpatch.

then put the patch on top, put a bed sheet on top, this is super IMPORTANT! andthen you are gonna iron it a few times until the patch is completely attached to the backpack.

Thismethod is super easy! the patches are super cheap and you can find them on ebay, amazonand many stores online.

The second thing you can do is to add some pins.

These ones tooare easy to find online, they are super cheap and the cool thing about pins is that youcan move them around and it's not something permanent.

Third, let's add some keychains.

I'm gonna add this totoro keychain, and also MIKASA who is my favorite character from ATTACKON TITAN.

and lastly we can use a fabric marker to decorate and write on our backpack and you can also ask your friends to add some notes! and that's it guys! I hope you guysliked this video and found it helpful and let me know in the comments which one wasyour favorite DIY.

If you re-create any of this TAG ME in your pictures using #ROXYROCKSTVand as always I send many kisses and virtual hugs to all the people who tweeted me andhere I'm gonna leave some more BACK TO SCHOOL VIDEOS! and see you guys next time! BYE!.

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