Czapka z papieru – Origami #3 (Paper hat)

Czapka z papieru – Origami #3 (Paper hat)

Hi, hello all welcome.

Today we'll make a cap of paper.

I present here on a sheet of A4 However, to fit it on the head, you need at least a card A3.

So the size of two A4 sheets, then will come out to us hat, say for a child.

However, if we want for an adult, you need will be even greater card.

And so we begin.

Fold card in half.

Again in half.

Now at this intersection that we came out, we give them in triangles.

Now we bend the this piece.

We turn ourselves to the other side and those corners which arose here, we bend.

And this piece here also myself bend the.

We turn back again and these corners, folded in this way.

And now best if we have a glue office then we can be glued these corners here.

I just dont have the glue, so I use tape.

To this cap in this place will not coming apart.

And we have a ready-made hat.

Like I said, this is a tiny, from A4 sheet.

Thanks for watching.

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