Cum se fac piesele 3d origami (How to make 3d origami pieces)

Cum se fac piesele 3d origami (How to make 3d origami pieces)

Hello , my name is Razvan and welcome to my youtube channel On this new channel I will remake all the tutorials from my main channel Razcapapercraft these tutorials will be in Romanian with English subtitles and other languages in the future I do this because I think so I can do much clearer and more detailed tutorials In the last tutorial we talked about 3D origami paper and how to cut this paper today we will talk about how to make 3D origami pieces 3d origami pieces can be of different sizes, but all are made in the same way the only difference is the size of the rectangle of paper and here you can see some different sizes This rectangle is the size 1/16 (7.

2 / 5,3cm) , I do not use this size in my models ,the pieces are too large next rectangle is the size 1/32 (5.

3 / 3.

6 cm)I call them normal or large pieces and I use them in my models and the last rectangle is the size 1/64(3,6/2,7cm) I call them small pieces and I use them very often in my models Before you start I have to say that working speed comes in time once you acquire experience and dexterity at the beginning , do not rush ,make your 3D origami pieces correctly even if it takes a long time.

Speed will increase with time first time I will show you how to make a 3d origami piece on this paper rectangle 1/16 , it is larger and you can see better A 3d origami piece is made in 6-7 steps The first step is very simple, fold the rectangle in half this way you can see the result then follow step 2 we again fold in half the rectangle in this way and we get that delve in the middle after a while you can skip this step, although I do not recommend this Now turn paper in this way and now step number 3 which consists of folding these extremities to the center line This step is the most important step in getting a piece of good quality 3d origami further we turn the paper and repeat the action on the other side and you can see the result Step four is also very important, we fold these corners and we will bring them onthis line so after this step we get this result step 5, we fold this portion of the paper on both sides and we get a triangle Step six, we fold the triangle in half and we get a 3d origami piece ,this piece is not yet finished last step, step 7 I will show you on a smaller piece Now we fold a 3d origami piece size 1/32 , the steps are the same step 1 fold the rectangle in two step two , we fold again in half step 3 , get the edges on the midline line we must have as small a distance we can between these two parts of the paper Steps 4 and 5 we make them at the same time , we fold the corner and bring the excess of paper to this line line we repeat that on the other side and we obtain a triangle step 6 , we fold this triangle in half and we have an 3d origami piece this piece is not finished yet , you can see it is a very big difference between these two 3d origami piece and next step 7, in which we will transform this 3d origami piece I will use a tool, these are 6 pieces I already made and we connect this pieces in a string you will notice that are difficult to connect because this pieces are not finish yet and now we use this string of pieces to model 3D origami pieces then we insert the two edges of the string in the two pockets of our piece we push strong enough and then with your finger or a pencil shape the 3D origami piece I recommend using your finger is so much faster we take 3d origami piece out of the string(tool) and we got a very nice and round shape piece in this way we can obtain almost identical pieces every time next I will fold a small 3d origami piece , size 1/64,they are exactly the same steps because the rectangle of paper size 1/64 is smaller , these small 3d origami pieces are a little more hard to made step 1 and 2 step 3 step 4 and 5 toghether step 6 step 7 further I will show how to keep these pieces 3D origami I recommend you keep them in strings, rods.

10-20 pieces in a rod very simple we connect these pieces like this , 2 peaks of a piece in the pockets of another piece In this way the 3D origami pieces can be store very well this is all for today , I hope you like my tutorial , please rate comment and share my video.

Have a nice day.

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