Creating a Paper Craft 3D Box Part 3 – Sure Cuts A Lot

Creating a Paper Craft 3D Box Part 3 – Sure Cuts A Lot

Ok so if you're watching this I'm assumingyou watched the previous two videos.

And you have your box PDF file already saved fromPepakura in order to import it into Sure Cuts a Lot software.

Simply open SCAL and located at the top you'llfind the import PDF/SVG button.

Just click that and find your PDF version of the box.

All you have to do is click the open button and it brings it on your mat.

Now you may be used to seeing only solid colorson your mat and typically not having a solid color indicates there's a break in the lineā€¦but I can assure you that this box will all cut just fine with zero gaps in-between.

Some of the things you can do extra in SureCuts A Lot is say you wanted to add an oval window on one of the sides of the box.

Simplygo to your shapes library find a circle and stretch one out to center it on one of thesides of the box.

Now you have created a window.

Now lets say you want to take it a stepfurther and make a lattice window.

So you can select the oval and go to object menuand select lattice.

As you can see it's fairly easy to create your own 3D Box.

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So with that I'm Rob from ScrappyDew.

Com and I'll see you next time.

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