Creating a Paper Craft 3D Box Part 2 of 3 – Pepakura

Creating a Paper Craft 3D Box Part 2 of 3 – Pepakura

Alright so the previous video we showed youhow to create a simple 3D box and export it.

Next we are going to need two more programsand they both are free.

First thing we need is a program called Pepakura.

This programwill take the 3D data file that we created in Sketchup and will unfold the object whichwill allow us to get vectorized data so we are able to import this into our cutting software.

Pepakura is open to the public as shareware so it's free to try and you won't need topurchase anything in order to use it for the purposes we are utilizing it for.

Simply goto their website click link will be in the description box and choose their downloadsection and select Pepakura Designer.

The other program you will need is Cute PDFwrite.

Now this is a free virtual printer allowing us to select it when we go to print.

The results will be a PDF file when ever you use this as a printer.

Just go to CutePDF.

Comand click the free download link.

Once installed you should be able to see it in your printersection.

Ok so once you open Pepakura you will needto set some things up.

So go to the file menu and select Print and Paper Settings.

Underthat menu you'll want to make sure that Print lines clearly (vector print) is selected.

And hit ok.

Alright so now we're ready to open up thefile.

Simply go to File > Open or you can click the open folder button in the top left.

Then you can choose our DAE file that we exported from SketchUp software.

You'll see the boxwe made has appeared on the left side and all we have to do next is click the unfoldbutton.

It automatically places it on the paper with all the tabs necessary for gluing.

It even places the dashed lines on there for easy folding.

Next all we have to do is export this to somethingthat Make the Cut or Sure Cuts a Lot can read which is a PDF.

Simply go to file and print.

We are goingto use the Cute PDF writer to export this to a vectorized PDF file.

Once you click print, it will ask you whereyou would like to save it and you can hit the save button.

You may not need the next video but it's yourchoice.

If you're using Make the Cut click the left image to see part 3 using make thecut.

Likewise if you're using Sure Cuts A Lot then choose the right image.

If you can'tclick on anything make sure you check the description box below for a direct link.

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