Crafting Ideas for Kids : Homemade Bracelets: Crafts for Kids

Crafting Ideas for Kids : Homemade Bracelets: Crafts for Kids

Now I'm going to teach you how to make theseawesome bracelets.

Everyone can wear them; your brother, your sister, or even yourselfor your mom and dad.

Even your grandparents could.

But I'm going to teach you how; allyou need is just some basic embroidery floss you can get at any craft store.

A pair ofscissors, a clip board or just a book with a clip and I just clip it on to this metalthing.

All you need is about twenty minutes to make it or if you get really good at it,it does not take that much time.

So you can get any colors you want and you only needfive.

They are very fun to make and everything for Christmas cause Christmas is coming upsoon and everything.

So they are great presents and your friends love them and you can actuallysell them.

So that is pretty good to so then let's get started.

What I have right hereis the embroidery gloss you can get it at any of your local craft stores.

So first youkind of cut them off about eighteen inches or so and then you gather them together.

Sothe tops are all together and about the same length cause you want to have them all exactlythe same length or so.

Bring them all together and you fold them just like this and thenyou tie a knot right there.

Not where this is but right here.

Then leave about an inchlong right there, like this.

You get your clip board or whatever you want to do justclip or whatever you use and put the knot right under it.

You separate it and therewe have it let's get started.

You put three on one hand and two on the other so you aregoing to put the green or whatever color put that on your second finger and then your thirdfinger and forth and it looks just like this.

Then you do the same except you only havetwo so it looks like this.

Then you are going to, you are going to move the second fingerto the bottom to your third finger on the other side with my forth finger.

Then youmove it up and move it up.

Can I see that again? Then you move it up to here and moveit up.

Then you grab this, the bottom again and pull and then you move it up, move itup and grab the top again like this and pull.

You move it up and you move it up again.

Thenyou grab the top and you put it on your forth finger and you pull it tight.

You move itup again then you move it up again and pull it up.

You keep doing the same steps untilyou have your long bracelet.

So this is what it is going to look like.

You keep pullingso if you pull it tighter it makes it more tight and if you don't pull it all it justmakes it more loose.

It is actually like a five strand braid if you think about.

If youcan move just a little bit slower.

So this is what it is going to look like if you keepgoing until you think is about the length of your wrist.

So then it takes a little bitof time but once you get use to it, it does not take as much.

But it is really cool braidlike thing but it is actually not a braid everyone thinks it is a braid but it is not.

It is a wrist brace.

How you end the bracelet is you pick this up at the bottom of the stringand you go like this.

Sort of making a backwards L and make it so there is a hoop like thisand you are going to go from the back through, through it like this and you are going topull it like this.

That is how you end it.

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