Craft Pumpkin Ideas | Michaels

Craft Pumpkin Ideas | Michaels

Hey y'all, it's Laura Lee.

Fall is rightaround the corner and I don't know about you but i love when it's time to breakout the fall decorations.

Here are some great ideas of ways to usecraft pumpkins in your fall decor this year.

One way is to carve it just like youwould a real pumpkin.

Using a hot knife, you can create the design of your choiceand the good thing about these is that there's no mess to clean up afterwardsand you can bring them out year after year.

Another way to decorate craft pumpkinsis to embellish them and both of these designs are actually pretty trendy rightnow.

This is a non-traditional way of usingyarn in a really neat geometric pattern and our diorama pumpkins actuallyalready come carved this way and all you have to do is get some cute miniatures to stick on the inside.

You can also draw and paint on thepumpkins.

Draw your own doodle with a sharpie orpaint the whole pumpkin gold and add an extra special touch with gold leaf.

I hope these ideas have inspired you tofreshen up your fall decor this year and we'd love to see what you've made.

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