Craft ideas for kids: pom poms

Craft ideas for kids: pom poms

Kids' craft: Fluffy pom-poms Learn how to make these cute balls of fluffwith just yarn, cardboard and scissors.

You can craft them into all kinds of furry pom-pomcreatures.

Cut two matching disks of cardboard with holesin the middle.

Then cut slits through the edges.

The size of your disks determines the sizeof your pom-pom.

About 4 inches (or 10cm) wide is a good size.

Put one cardboard disk on top of the otherand tie the end of the yarn around both.

Wind the yarn around and around the disks,through the middle and over the top.

The more yarn you use, the fatter your pom-pom willbe.

Slip the scissors between the disks and carefullysnip the yarn all the way around, holding the disks firmly.

Wrap a piece of yarn between the disks.

Pullthe yarn tight and tie in a knot to hold the yarn in place.

Gently pull the disks off the pom-pom.

Trimthe ends of the long piece of yarn.

Fluff up your pom-pom and snip all around it toneaten it up.

You can craft your pom-poms into all kindsof weird and wonderful creatures.

Just gather together felt, googly eyes and cardboard,and start creating!.

Source: Youtube