Cosplay Tutorial Yuki’s Sense paper mache

Cosplay Tutorial Yuki’s Sense paper mache

Hi I'm Mona from Monas Cosplay Design for subtitles click here! A lot of people know that in two days starts the Animuc and almost every cosplayer is the totally stressed.

Prepare the last things, make an costume test, makeup test.

spend a lot of time and of course it should be ready on friday.

I' totally stressed too because I will wear three cosplays for three days.

The first one is my Super Sailor Moon Cosplay.

You can see it right there The second one is Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight with scythe, look here ^^ and last but not least is Black Widow from Marvel Comics.

TADDAA xD They are finished.

On which days I wear, I don't know I think i decide it spontaneously.

We will see 😉 Now i will show you the details about my work in progress.

At the moment i'm working on the scythe for my Yuki Cos.

So much work but it makes a lot of fun.

I hope i can help you and enjoy the tutorial 😉 So far so good.

Everything is covered with newspaper and now it goes to the part with the paper mache It's this one you can see it I have filled the paper mache here in a plastic bag and let it dry for a day.

Simply cut the plastic bag on the side Apply your paper mache on your props and it will be a hard rough surface.

So sanding is an option, paint it immediately or with a lot layers of gesso on top.

it looks a little bit icky xD the best thing is, prepare water in a bowl The paper is doing much better when combined it with water.

The surface will be much smoother smooth, smoother, smooth??!! what ever xD so it doesn't make any cracks and other imperfections That's it from my side.

I hope you liked my first video 😀 I'm sure i will make a new tutorial soon and a short compilation from animuc 2013 with a lot of great cosplayer xD If you have questions just ask me! I try as much as possible to answer you.

the link to my facebook site "Monas Cosplay Design" you can find in my description so i hope you enjoyed my tutorial <3 Perhaps you will write a comment, tips or new ideas what you want to see? How does what? xD Write me.

I look forward and see you !.

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