Como hacer un Buen Papercraft (Pokemon) – Consejos y Tips para principiantes #1

Como hacer un Buen Papercraft (Pokemon) – Consejos y Tips para principiantes #1

How we are people of youtube? I'm FelipeBlast and today I will show you how it was that did this Duskull if you look well It seems to be a pokemon plastic, which had bought anywhere.

but no, no label so they know what material I did, this is paper only paper now I tell you how it was that I found this art I was a day looking for pictures of my favorite pokemon you may ask, what is my favorite pokemon?.

I have it here which it is a.

Charizard I'll leave here next so it is looking I was looking for images Charizard when I found a figure that was nice and that it appeared to be made of plastic, or that the machine had done so I clicked on the link and reaches this page the page is called paperpokes which it is a papercraft page and now they wonder.

what is a papercraft? one papercraft is somewhat similar to origami with the only difference that origami is.

only one piece that they are made several folds to reach a figure.


in papercraft are several pieces which they are cut and then stick.

to do this.

I'll show the last papercraft I did.

I have it here which is a Dialga legendary pokemon here are the flaps to glue the pieces here is a piece of used They are cut and then fold and here legs I have not done, because I have not had much time.

But at some point I will make the video about it then as they realized, to make one of these.

you must print, cut, fold and then paste Now we are here on page www.


Net Now we will see some interesting things here at home They are all new Pokemon that are doing we can see the last generation and some.

random things that come But let's focus on the important things the pokemones let's go up Up here on the lapels this the generations of all Pokemon that exist we go with generation 1 if you look well, here's the whole list ordered by the pokedex the blue They are those who are coming out the gray pokemones are already exists in model and dark gray pokemones pokemones are the facts that we are and there are also colored orange what does it mean that there are two versions or more the same pokemon I will show you the Charizard This is the version 1, the largest charizard This is what I have I I liked the and a girl version of charizard This also I have and a video will then seek the Dialga we'll list here we can see which was made on February 1, 2014 we will enlarge the image and another photo with the legendary Pokemon let's the important here is the model fixing some data the number of pages used the level (difficulty) This is medium-hard the creator here it is the list of creators and we go to.

downloadable model we downloaded in our computer (PC) we are already inside the folder Dialga and we will review these 4 pdf the first to say "lined" if we go down we see that there are pieces with these lines they are to make the folds in this case, here you are printing these lines and.

later they will see in the model for beginners, it is highly recommended to use these lines so that they are made easier and once they are experts I can do without lines if you look longer have these guide lines I recommend this only if they are already experts in the field and there is also the same, but for version pokemon Shiny Here you can see the other colors and the same, no lines within this file Dialga comes this file (.

Pdo) which it is something very important to represent the model.

and will show you how it works First we will download the program let's go here pepakura viewer let's download -> version free and download the installer once downloaded, we will install The program is now ready and here is the program that opens the file (.

Pdo) let's look within the "Dialga" folder and we have the model pokemon What are we going to check? Here we can rotate the pokemon some tools like light this is to attach the pieces to complete the model look and how important this here it is for us not lose in the construction of pokemon For example here we go with the tail if you look a red line appears It is indicating where it binds each flap, with the other piece there we see the lines This is very important when we want pokemon and do not miss.

and there are some very difficult pieces how are you, so this is difficult to cut hard part is we may lose reference overlapping sticks that piece then it is very important to this program as it helps a lot in building the pokemon once you print They have a sheet like this Here you can see all the pieces as advice I recommend you always start by parts.

outside, inward I mean, if I have a leg (foot) always start from here from the downstream portion until you reach the part that joins the body here we have the tail Dialga as I said always start the part that is further away and finish with which is closer to the center because, if we start from here we can close this piece and start to link this to this and so on but if we start from here.

we will assemble this and then this and when we get here we will not be as close, we will become impossible so as advice Always remember this other advice to give you, is that once they finish their model pokemon you add a layer cold silicone this is for the pokemon has more resistance and will give an extra shine I'll make a comparison with a Entei I did before whether the fixing Entei not so bright and it is less resistant the pieces move complete All parts are mobile but in Duskull with silicone layer It seems out of plastic for the following video of pokemon I will make a review of all the pokemon I've already done explaining what were the most difficult parts of making some advices and all details related to pokemon says goodbye FelipeBlast and see you in the next video.

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