Hi Everyone, I'm Benjamin, also known as Kaito.

Today we will build an advanced level Papercraft figure, which is the Yveltal Legendary Pokémon, the Pokémon of Destruction.

As always, we will use the program Pepakura Viewer to help with the assembly, where we can see the final three-dimensional model.

We will begin with the horns of the head, and then we will join them with the pieces of the head, and the neck.

Then we add the parts of the collar, both front and rear.

We will leave this part and begin to assemble the body parts and legs.

We will continue to assemble the tail, and the news of the pieces of the tail claws.

Now this is the hard part of the figure and puts the piece that closes the tail, so you have to be very patient not to make a mistake and damage the figure.

We will continue to assemble the wings, adding the front and back pieces, look for an opening to be able to place the claws, and once placed, close the wings.

And ready, we already have this imposing figure of Yveltal, a legendary Pokémon of great power.

Well that's all for the moment, the next week we will have a video about the new Pepakura 4, since I'm preparing an incredible Papercraft, of what they like the track in the next video, do not forget to leave your comments to appear in the next Video, See you soon.

The model links in the description.

Source: Youtube