Hi Everyone, I am Benjamin, also known as Kaito.

Today we set one figure Papercraft Advanced level, which is the Legendary Pokémon Thundurus.

I have to note that this model has a greater than previous models armed difficulty, as it has many unique features, so you have to practice a lot before assembling this model.

As always, we will use the Pepakura Viewer program to help with assembly, where we can see the final three-dimensional model.

We begin assembling the face, and we will be adding the parts of the head, cheeks and mouth.

We set piece mustache with millstones, and add to the face.

We continue arming the jaw and head horn.

We will leave this part and we set up the five fingers of his right hand, and we will be adding the parts of the hand and arms.

We set up the same way the left arm, and add to the body.

We continue adding the body parts to close this part.

We will leave this body and begin to assemble the piece of the cloud.

Once the piece cloud closed add the support pieces.

Now both will gather body parts and we set Thundurus's hair and add it to the head.

Now we set the rosary shaped tail, we must build each bead and each connection, and will join depending on the size or the numbered model.

And we will add to the body.

And voila, we have this impressive figure of Thundurus, a powerful Legendary Pokémon, the details of this figure are more than impressive.

Well that's all for now, see you in the next video where we set up a very competitive bat Pokémon, to see if they guess what Pokémon is all about.

Here is the link model in the description.

Source: Youtube