Hi Everyone, I'm Benjamin, also known as Kaito.

Today we will build an Advanced level Papercraft figure, which is the Pokémon Scizor, a very competitive Pokémon.

As always, we will use the program Pepakura Viewer to help with the assembly, where we can see the final three-dimensional model.

We will start by setting the peaks of the head, and the other things the parts of the face until reaching the neck.

We will continue to arm the part of the chest, as well as both shoulders, then continue to arm the wings and include them.

We will continue to add the body parts as well as the thighs, and we will continue to close the body.

Now we will arm the lower and upper tines, we will join both parts and then we add the tongs to the body, we will do the same with the left arm.

We will arm the pieces of the legs and we will join them to the body.

And ready, we already have this incredible figure of Scizor, a Pokémon critter wanted by many.

Well that is all for the moment, next week there will be no video, since I will be very busy with the arrangements for the coming holidays but we do not see on Friday December 23, where we will build a very peculiar Pokémon for Christmas special.

The model links in the description.

Source: Youtube