Hi Everyone, I'm Benjamin, also known as Kaito.

Today we will build an Intermediate level Papercraft figure, which is the Pokémon Riolu.

As always, we will use the program Pepakura Viewer to help us with the assembly, where we can see the final three-dimensional model.

We will begin by putting the toes together, and we will add a piece of folded cardboard to the sole of the foot to give a little more weight to the figure.

We will continue adding the pieces until closing both legs.

And we will add your later hooves.

We will arm the pieces of the hips, then assemble the pieces of the tail and we will add it to the hip, as well as we will add both legs.

We will continue to add the body parts, and we will assemble the parts of the fingers and arms, and we will add both arms to the body.

Now we will add the piece of the collar, and we will be adding the pieces of the head.

We will add their little horns, and we will arm both ears and we will add them.

To finish we will add the front flaps.

To finish we will add the front flaps.

Well that's all for the moment, we see in the following video where we will arm a powerful Mega Evolution, to see if they guess what Pokémon it is.

I leave the link of the model in the description.

Source: Youtube