Hi Everyone, I'm Benjamin, also known as Kaito.

Today we will see that new utilities bring us the Pepakura Viewer 4, as well as some tricks that did not mention in the previous tutorial of Pepakura, that help us with the assembly of the models of Papercraft.

Pepakura Viewer 4 is a program of visualization of Papercraft figures in 3D, this program is a great helpwhen it comes to arming the models, since it does not show sample placing each of the pieces of the model.

Version 4 has the same characteristics of Pepakura 3, as the option to remove and to be able to put the color back to the templates, to see the pieces more separated and to put them together, as well as to place and place the shadow in the three-dimensional figure , See The number of pages, as well as the name of each of the pieces.

A couple of useful options that forget to comment the following: This option allows us to extend the color of the edges of the templates, this does not help that there are less white lines that are sometimes generated when arming the figure.

he other option is to change the axis of the vision, with this option can place the axis of vision in the head for the helpers with the arm of the same, and if you want this option simply reset the figure.

nd if you want this option simply reset the figure.

One of the innovations that does not bring this update is to be able to see the type of folded with greater facility, being the blue color the folded mountain, and the skyblue color the folded valley.

This option is very useful especially when assembling the dark colored pieces, in which you can not see the type of fold.

The other novelty is to be able to see an animation of the figure's arming, which is quite peculiar.

As always the greatest advantage that no program offers is to be able to see which parts should join, select several pieces, to see a partial advance, as well as reduce or enlarge the view of the pieces or figure to be able to see more details.

And now what many are waiting for, next week's Papercraft figure.

Well that's all for the moment, see you in the next video where you find this beautiful and incredible Legendary Pokémon, do not forget to leave your comments to appear in the next video, see you soon.

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