Christmas Garland Craft Ideas

Christmas Garland Craft Ideas

This Christmas, you could do the same basicgarland or you can make your own unique blends that are a real holiday wow.

You don't haveto look far to create show-stopping garland.

Transform everyday supplies into fun and festivedecorations.

Cupcake liners are no longer just for baking.

Staple them together to makethe ultimate color splash.

Take ordinary stripe drinking straws and string them together withbeads to jazz up any tree.

This one is so easy, even the kids can do it.

Finally, createa winter wonderland in any room using paper cut into leaf shapes.

With a little glue andstring, this garland is an understated delight.

Even if it's the night before Christmas, thesegarlands can be made as a last-minute surprise for the holiday.

Source: Youtube