Christmas Craft Ideas: Make a Snowman Family

Christmas Craft Ideas: Make a Snowman Family

Celebrate the season by creating a whole familyof easy to make snowman.

Here's what you'll need: Wooden balls in graduated sizes, woodenspools, checkers and many flower pots, small pompoms, felt scraps, scissors, a round holepaper punch and a hot glue gun and glue sticks.

Start with two wooden balls of different sizes.

Glue them together with hot glue.

Cut a strip of felt paper scarf making about a quarterinch wide and about 8 inches long.

Test the length of the scarf by tying it around theneck.

Remove the scarf.

Cut it to the best length and trim a knot in the end.

Then reattachthe scarf to cover the seam.

For nose, use a small triangle of felt.

Fold it over andglue it in place.

To make the snowman's eyes and buttons, use the hole punch to cut tinyfelt circle.

You may need to trim the fuss from the dots to make them easier to workwith.

Glue the eyes and buttons in place.

You can use the toothpick to help you handlethe dots.

For a hat, cut a strip of felt to fit around the rim of a wooden flowerpot.

Glue it on.

Add a pompom and glue the hat to your snowman.

You can make another styleof the hat by gluing a wooden thimble and a checker together.

Try different techniquesand options to make a whole family of snowman.

Source: Youtube