Christmas candle craft for kids

Christmas candle craft for kids

Hi, this is Joelle Meijer.

Here is a simple project of a candle holdermade with recycled material! To represent the candle, you will need a toiletpaper tube and a LED candle.

To support the LED candle at the top of thetube, cut two strips of construction paper.

Place one end of a strip on one side of thecandle, then go under the candle and fold the strip up the other side.

Then,cut the strip.

This way, you create a custom holder of theright size for the LED candle.

Place the two pieces of strips that you havemeasured in a cross and glue them together with a dot of whiteglue.

Then put white glue on the folded branchesof your cross and slide the cross into the toilet papertube.

The folded branches of the cross will be alignedwith the top of the tube.

Let dry.

Paint the tube in a colour of your choice.

If necessary add more coats of paint to geta nice colour.

When the paint is dry, add a coat of acrylicvarnish for a nice finish.

Take a lid whose diameter is larger than thetube of toilet paper.

The tube should fit easily in the lid.

Paint the lid using ocher paint.

Paint theinside and the outside of the lid.

When the paint is dry, put a coat of goldpaint.

Because the gold paint is very transparent,it's always better to start with a coat of ocher paint, thatgives a good base for the gold paint.

Take a wooden spoon-shaped ice cream stick andpaint it with ocher paint and then with gold paint.

When the paint is dry, glue the ice creamstick under the lid with hot glue.

You can keep the candle as is or you can decorateit.

You can glue ribbon, stickers or glitter onit.

Glue the candle in the lid with either whiteglue or hot glue and place the LED candle on top of the candle.

If you want the handle of your candle holderto be a little more sophisticated, cut a strip of white construction paper.

Put white glue along the strip and wrap itaround itself.

Then paint it with ocher and gold paint.

When it's dry, put a dot of white glue onthe ice cream stick and glue the ring you have painted on it.

When the glue is dry you can hold the candleholder by the ring.

To print the illustrated instructions of thisproject, click on the link below the video and visit the Animaplates site to find otherproject ideas.

Source: Youtube