Children’s Crafts: Paper Mache Lizards : Paper Mache Lizard: Painting

Children’s Crafts: Paper Mache Lizards : Paper Mache Lizard: Painting

So our lizard has had a few days to dry.

He'snice and hard.

The kids always get a kick out of how; what a sloppy messy newspaperlizard we had and now he's hard solid and ready to be painted.

You can go ahead andprime this if you want with like a spray primer which should be done outside or you can juststart painting.

I like to use acrylic paints for painting on paper mache.

It only increasesthe hardness because of the way that the acrylic dries.

If we want to start with an acrylicwe can also add a tempera glitter afterwards.

When we paint the lizard we want to make surethat we are painting all the way around him.

This is important because it's sealing it.

By putting the paint all the way around every inch of this paper mache it's also going tohelp prevent mold, so this is a nice sealant.

If the kids are having a hard time gettingthe paint in all those little cracks and crevices we want to put paint on the end; a lot ofpaint on the end of the paint brush and dab it in.

It takes a little while for them toget it done, but it's well worth the end product if we can have a nice coating of paint onour lizard.

We want to just keep continuing down the body, around the legs and on thetail with the paint.

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