Children’s Craft Paper Dragonfly : Paper Dragonfly Craft: Materials

Children’s Craft Paper Dragonfly : Paper Dragonfly Craft: Materials

You likely have all the material that youneed for this project in your house.

The things that you may need to pick up are the posterboard back, and you want to make sure that that is poster board and enough of a thicknessso that it will hold our dragonfly and the paper and the paint that we end up applying.

We're going to use a finer paper, a less weight paper for the body of the dragonfly.

Somethingabout eleven by fourteen works well, and this is thinner.

For the wings we're going to usea thicker paper.

More of a drawing paper.

And that's, we're doing that in order to holdthe glitter and so that it doesn't warp and wrinkle.

We're also going to be using pipecleaners for the antennas, we can use tin foil for that if you don't have that at home.

And as far as embellishing and changing up the color, the glitter portion of this, we'regoing to use tempra glitter paint which is a gel medium.

We'll need a paint brush toapply it, so have some water and a paper towel handy for drying and rinsing out in betweencolors.

We're going to need some glue, possibly some, a glue stick and we're going to usemasking tape to attach all the rolls of paper.

You also want to have scissors handy and amarker for outlining.

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