Children’s Craft Paper Dragonfly : Paper Dragonfly Craft: Gluing Wings

Children’s Craft Paper Dragonfly : Paper Dragonfly Craft: Gluing Wings

So our body's in place, it's painted and nowwe're ready to put down our wings.

If your wings dry flat it's fine to take some Elmer'sglue, put it along the back.

If they've curled up a little bit like they've done on me here,I'm going to make a little bit of a decoupage, or a glue solution using a tiny bit of waterand glue.

We're going to do that, just mixing together, a bit more, and we're going to mixit up with a paintbrush and if you do this you want to make sure that you are rinsingthat paintbrush in urea afterwards otherwise you are going to end up with a messy paintbrush.

Okay so, so now what we'll do is we'll turn our pieces over and do that glue solutionalong the back.

This just makes it easier to spread the glue along and that way we knowthat we're covering all of the surface and when we put it down it's going to stay.

Andnow we're going to put it in place, press it down.

If it does come up you can always put a littlebit more of this glue solution, like right here, where it's coming up we'll use a littlebit more of the glue solution and go over the top.

It's going to dry clear so it's okay,so you can see it now.

Just to keep it in place.

And we're going to put the other wingon this side.

We'll start with another small wing down here.

Glue solution on the back,and press down.

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