Children’s Craft Paper Dragonfly : Paper Dragonfly Craft: Adding Legs

Children’s Craft Paper Dragonfly : Paper Dragonfly Craft: Adding Legs

We've got the antennas in place, and now we'reready to add the legs.

We're going to do that in the first loop after the head.

So, we'regoing to do the same kind of approach, and we're going to pinch the loop, on the side,small incision.

We're going to make two of those, on either side.

So, I'm going to turnthis, so that we can get a good angle.

Pinching and cutting, and then we're going to feedthese through.

You're going to start on one side and go for the other.

OK, then hopefullyit comes through on the other side.

You may have to feed it through from the inside ofthe loop.

There it is.

You just want to do this very carefully, not to break the paper.

And we'll do the same thing with the second leg.

We'll give him two sets of legs, feedingit through.

If the loop, if the cut isn't large enough, we can always go back and changethat.

Going back inside this paper loop and feeding it through again.

And, pulling itthrough really gently.

If your paper loop comes undone, we can always tape it back down.

And now, we're going to shape these up.

And, we're just going to give them a couple ofbends, up one and then down one.

Up one, down one, we'll do the same with the ones below.

And there you have your legs.

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