Broken Sword – The Glass Banana (Papercraft Competition Winner)

Broken Sword – The Glass Banana (Papercraft Competition Winner)

George: So, Nico, you're looking reallygreat.

Nico: George, a man has just been murdered.

George: What? I'm just saying.

You shouldlearn to take a compliment.

Nico: *Sigh* Why did he do it George? George: Beats me.

As far as I know, that paintingwasn't worth anything.

Nico: So why steal it? I think there is moreto this than money, there must've been something important, within the paintingitself.

George: Or maybe it was painted over something? Nico: Like what? George: Well, knowing the kind of wierdoswe normally attract, my guess would be some sort of ancient manuscript.

Nico: Hmm, maybe.

We need to find out moreabout the painting, do you remember the name of the artist? George: Err.


Nico: *Sigh* Me neither.

George: I wonder if this guy has any clueson him.

Nico: I'll let you do the honours George.

Laine: What are you doing? George: Err.

I was trying to revive him.

Laine: And just how exactly were you planningon doing that, might I ask? He's dead.

George: Oh, ya know, let the moisture evaporatefor a couple of weeks, and then rehydrate him.

Laine: That's sea-monkeys.

George: Oh, I err, thought it was for gunshots.

Good job I'm not a doctor, huh? Laine: *Sigh* Imbecile.

George: Okay Nico, you'll need to distractLaine while I search the body.

Nico: What do you want me to do? George: I'll think of something.

George: (Inner monologue) It was a fruit bowl.

From a distance I thought the fruit was real, but up close I could see thatit was just decorative, and made of glass.

George: I picked up a solid glass banana.

I wasn't sure why; some might call it kleptomania, I onthe other hand prefer to think of it as the inability to refrain from takingobjects that don't belong to me George: Here ya go! Nico: And what exactly do you expect me todo with that? George: I dunno, use your imagination.

I'msure you'll find something useful to do with it.

Nico: Don't tempt me George.

George: Easy! Just use it to distract Lainesomehow.

Nico: What?! George: Oh fine, I'll do it myself.

Nico: What are you going to do? George: I'm going to use my shear cunningand ingenuity to distract Laine with a glass banana, so that I can search the freshcorpse.

Nico: Now this I have to see.

George: Hey Laine! What d'ya think of this? Laine: It's a banana made of glass.

George: Wow, you're good! What else canyou tell me about it? Nico: Oh, boy.

Laine: It has an IKEA stamp on it.

George: Well, would you look at that?.

Sowhere do you think it was bought from? Laine: *Sigh* You Sir do nothing to improveAmerica's image.

George: What'd ya mean? Nico: Well, this is going well.

George: Okay, plan B.

Laine: Excuse m- Nico: Oh my God George! What have you done? George: I know, my banana's ruined! Nico: You could've killed him! George: Oh, he'll be fine, he was last time.

Besides he was already killing himself.

with cholesterol.

Nico: Last time? George: Anyway, we'd better hurry Nico.

George: Here I go again, searching the pocketsof another dead-guy.

Nico, why can we never just have a nice day outParis? I really wanna see the Louvre.

Nico: Not now George.

George: What are you doing later? Nico: George! George: Alright, alright!.

Nico: Anything? George: Yeah.

I pulled out a cellphone fromthe deceased's jacket pocket, and passed it to Nico.

Nico: I'll check his call log.

Here George,he dialled this number just minutes before he was shot.

George: Let me see, I'll give it a ringfrom my phone.

George: Hmm, no answer.

Nico: George, I've just had a look in theguy's contacts.

What do you make of this? George: "Mr Safe" followed by a four digitphone number? Nico: Obviously he'd put it in there asa way of remembering his safe combination.

George: 1-2-3-4.

Wow, what an idiot.

Nico: Not very safety conscious perhaps, butthis could help us to find his killer George: (Internal Monologue) I typed the combinationfrom the art gallery owner's phone contacts into the keypad,and it opened with a satisfying beep.

Nico: What's in there? George: Looks like receipts and insurancedocuments for the artwork in the gallery.

Nico: Is there anything for the stolen painting?George: Yeah, the receipt.

Turns out he'd bought it directly from the artist, there's an address and everything.

Nico: That's brilliant George! Now we can- Nico: George is that your phone ringing? George: Err.


Nico: That ring-tone, is that-? George: Yes Nico, yes it is.

Hang on, it'sthe number I just dialled.

Nico: Well, go on George, answer it, see whoit is! George: (Into phone) Y'ello? Bob: Allo, this is Bob from Pizza Place, sorryI missed your call.

How can I help? George: Err hi, could I have a large pepperoniwith fries.

Bob: Of course Monsieur, anything else? George: No, that's it thanks.

Is it okayif you give me the address so I can pick it up myself? Bob: No problem Monsieur, it's 125 Rue deMoussy.

Your order will be ready in ten minutes.

George: Thanks Bob.


Nico: Hungry George? George: I now have the address of the pizzacompany that the killer pretended to work for.

And yes, I am a little.

Nico: Well done George.

Moue: Hold it right there! Moue: What has gone off here? Ah, MademoiselleCollard, Monsieur Stobbart, I should have guessed you'd be involved.

Nico: The art gallery owner was shot buy aman disguised as a pizza delivery man.

George: He stole the painting that was overthere.

Moue: Ah, and I see he emptied the safe too.

George: Err.


That was him.

Moue: And what about him? Is he dead? George: Nah, he's fine.

Moue: Ah, he regains consciousness! Nico: Uh-oh.

George: Aw crap.

Well, you've got our statementsnow Inspector, I'd love to stay and chat but.

Moue: Hold on Monsieur, I haven't finishedwith you yet.

Laine: And neither have I.

Moue: What was that Monsieur? Laine: He knocked me out! George: Yeah, that sure was one despicablepizza guy.

Maybe the owner should've tipped better.

Laine: Not him, YOU! Moue: Is this true monsieur? Did you attackthis gentlemen? Laine: With a banana! Moue: Mon Deu! George: It's not what it sounds like! Besideshe's really obnocious! Moue: Be that as it may- Laine: I beg your pardon? Moue: It is still a crime to attack membersof the public with vegetables.

George: Fruit.

Moue: What did you just call me? George: I didn't, I was just correctingyou.

Moue: Don't act all innocent with me.

George: I'm not! Moue: So, you admit you're not innocenteh? George: No, I err.

What? Moue: I think you'd better come down tothe station with me Monsieur.

George: Am I under arrest? Moue: Oui.

George: Aww fudge monkeys.

Nico: I told you it was a bad idea George.

Moue: You two wait here for one of my colleagues, while I deal with this criminal.

George: Nico, bring bail! Nico: I wasn't going to hang about thisgallery all day.

I had everything I needed from here, includingtwo solid lines of enquiry: the pizza company's address, and the detailsof the stolen painting's artist.

I'm sure George could wait a few hours.

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