Boneco de papel do Zezé Urubu (Papercraft – Parte 2)

Boneco de papel do Zezé Urubu (Papercraft – Parte 2)

Hello buddies, this is the second part of our role Snowman Zeze Vulture.

In the first part did the painting and today we will mount the doll.

We will use a model ready for it, which is here in the video description.

And if you want to ride it already colored, okay.

And we will make the first cut and returned already explaining the assembly.

These white pieces is where we spend glue to assemble the doll.

First starting here by side, come on? Now we will do at the bottom.

Our doll, the head is almost ready.

And now we will stick to the back Here are three white parts.

Will pass glue.

Now we paste the top.

And the bottom.

There, the head is ready.

Now for the tip.


Now the body.

We spend glue that white part.

There, the little body is ready.

Now the wings.

we pass glue here And join the two parts.

Now, the little feet.

As the wings, you pass glue here in the middle.

And join the party.

Now we will build the doll.

Starting with the feet Remembering that part that has the risk.

She gets out and up, okay? Will pick up the little body it.

And will paste.


Now we will glue the wings.

Will pick up the tiny wing.


This white part.

Pass glue.

And I'll paste a little bit down here.

Now the collar.

You will get, will pass glue on the back.

And will paste on his little neck Now we will paste the beak.

The nozzle has this white part.

where you will spend glue.

And will fix this other white part.

And to now join the head to the body.

You will pass paste that part of the collar.

There, our little friend Zeze Vulture is ready.

So next week we will return.

With more activity here in Nick Mole channel and the gang.

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Now I'll walk my little friend, we Zeze?.

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