Base o sépalo para la rosa de origami

Base o sépalo para la rosa de origami

We use a square and mark all lines intersecting at the center places the paper diagonally and mark back half.

We do this to create a valley fold Let's join the upper tip with the bottom and side ends put them inward.

Look where the figure is opened.

Call his name to the steps, so it is easier to remember.

MOUTH Turn the prox.

to you and mark well for easy opening.

You open while subject the paper so that the folds are well defined.

Note that the lower tip you do it carefully to match the center Again on 4 sides This figure will call gnome cap.

Note that the tip is closed at the top we each side towards the center line tip.

We work for the part that is not always lisa.

Y finger tips brush.

This fold is only to dial.

Now open or undo what you marcado.

Atención none left closed.

We return to the gnome figure and see that we lift the cap Lift and enter the marks of folds, uniting them in a top tip low.

Repeat We will now work with the flat side.

Attention the top is closed.

The lateral tip to the middle mark.

Repeat We opened far allows us to fold and mark We open like a flower The tips of the medium the casualties are at the same height of the leaves Then will serve to put your rose above it I know it.

And it is ready.

Source: Youtube