Awesome Art Idea- How to Draw 3D Drawing for kids- Crazy Craft Ideas

Awesome Art Idea- How to Draw 3D Drawing for kids- Crazy Craft Ideas

Hey Hello Freinds, welcome to cray craft Ideas today am gonna show you how to draw 3D drawing our hand thinks to need : 1 white paper color sketches or markers ruler pencil take that white paper draw our hand keep into equal size of gap in between fingers draw outline of our hand take a ruler and draw the lines as shown leave that hand part and draw the line on both sides Draw half circle attach the two lines draw the curve properly take a black sketch draw the outer lines only as shown in video complet the same way just finish outer line using black color here after choose your color combination draw same like before drawn take a bize of sketch then only it comes good to draw cover it white space each and every lines draw the same pattern using all colors after i drawn 4 colors its looks like this now i comple this just end of this drawing shade with pencil or any other color pencil 3D hand is ready staring and ending perfection is very important lets try this drawing this is kids project i hope all kids love this drawing Thankyou for watching this video.

however you like to draw horizontal ,vertical, or across the paper it looks good same pattern but different shapes Dont forgwt to subscribe my channel.

i ll give more ideas , and simple step by step procedure.

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