Aurora Birthday Cake Sleeping Beauty Paper Punch-out Craft – Disney Princess Crafts Book

Aurora Birthday Cake Sleeping Beauty Paper Punch-out Craft – Disney Princess Crafts Book

This is Sophie's Toy Studio.

I got this super cool book from the Disney Store.

It's a Disney Princess craft book.

It has over thirty projects inside that we can do, so we won't do all of them in one video.

It comes with instructions for different projects The different projects have a rating for how hard they are, so there's easy, which is one star, medium, and difficult.

There's lots of fun things in here.

There's paper crafts, there's sections of the book that you can punch out for the different crafts, there's some stickers for some projects, so I think this will be really fun to play with, and we can make multiple videos out of this.

So I think we'll start with an easy one.

We're gonna make this birthday cake! It's a Princess Aurora project, and all we need are some of the punches in the back of the book.

So we'll go back – let's see, they're on page 53, and we'll punch out all of those.

Here we are, the birthday cake.

We'll punch these out.

I'm trying to be careful not to tear them because they seem a little delicate.

So we have our cake punch, and two candles We need to find the two green dots on the bottom of the cake slice.

You see our green dots here, and here? We need to push those together.

So they have some fold lines.

I think it will help if we fold a little bit first.

I'm just gonna fold on all the fold lines.

That'll make our jobs easier later.


Now we're gonna find those green dots and we're gonna put those together so they go in like this.

There we go.

See? Now the bottom is all stuck together.

Then we're gonna do.

Find the.

I'm guessing we're gonna find the purple dots.


This actually says to do the candles first.

So let's fold those up.

We're gonna find the two blue dots on the candles and then slot them together.

Here's a slot, and here's a slot.

You can see where it's kinda there's like a little pre-cut mark.

Gonna pop those together.

Here we go.

And these have a bendable mark as well.

So I'm gonna bend those.


And then.

Then we insert the candles into the slots on the cake.

So our cake, on top, has two slots as well.

Can you see that? One, two.

Pop the candles in there.



And then we find the two purple dots on the back of the cake and insert that tab into the slot.

Purple dots Tab into slot.

There we go.


There is our cake with candles.

Well, that's it for today on Sophie's Toy Studio.

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