Anpanman Vending Machine Paper Craft Toy Kid Review

Anpanman Vending Machine Paper Craft Toy Kid Review

Ninja! Hello! Today, I got Mebae Magazine March issue.

This month's issue has Anpanmanvending machine paper craft! I'll make it from now.

This is Anpanman's coin purse, isn't it? I'll open it.

Probably I can keep my coins.

I remove this one… I guess so.

What is it? What's this? What is this one? It looks like this! Let's make it! Yay! I'll put paper money into the wallet.

Let's put on stickers! It looks like this.

Look, there are juice cans toys.

Complete! I'll put juice can toys.

Let's buy juice.

It's green tea! It was so yummy! Oh! Anpanman is here to buy juice! Let's go! Thank you! Pi! OK! Wow! The juice is here! This is apple juice! After finish drinking, let put it in garbage can.

By the way, here is also a vending machine toy! Please watch a video about this one.

Today, I made Anpanmanvending machine paper craft.

Please play with it! Rock scissors paper,,,,,,, Paper! You can watch new videos by subscribing! Bye Bye! Ninja!.

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