53 Easy craft ideas for kids

53 Easy craft ideas for kids

Welcome to our video This is 53 easy craft ideas for kids.

School's out, the Sun is high, and itshould be a crime for any kids to plop down in front of the TV for the next3 months How to solve that problem? Here we have27 Creative & Inexpensive ways to keep kids busy this summer 1.

Giant Bananagrams just cut out the letters together andprepare for some major scrambling 2.

Take twister outside.

Check out description to get the detail 3.

Bring scramble to the pool.

The spongeswill float! you can call Witchcraft or Physics.


Turn a 2-liter bottle into a DIYsprinkler.

Crack the secret on the description box.


Make art with things you guys find innature like these rocks.


Show your appreciation for those Starrysummer nights.

If you like this one, your next direction is descriptionbox 7.

Feed the birds.

here is how to make your own feeder in whatever shapes you can think of (or find a cookie cutters for) Check for more info in description area.


if you have a seasoned friendshipbracelet maker take it to the next level with these DIYflip flops the complete tutorial is in thedescription 9.

Make dinosaur tracks with flip flops 10.

Make ice cream cone seed planterstogether it's biodegradable in is the perfectway to start a small gardens.

Make sure none of yourprecious offspring attempt to eat it.


Or plantmarkers for a big garden Like these clever little signs.

orthe second picture 12.

Make these Mod Podge’d spoons.


Create your own magnetic games for long trips.

It’s just like an iPad, except that it costs one dollar and you won’t feel so guilty parking your kid in front of it for six hours.


Work on a long-term project together, like making (temporary) art with their toys.

This car mural is fully magnetic, so maximum Hot Wheels-ing is stillpossible (and encouraged) 15.

Construct the most boss fort of all time.

Like this home made of boxes from mymakedo.



Make the most rockin’ teepee from joannagoddard.


For smaller projects, recycle things you already have into new buddies.


Race soap boats on hot days.


Turn pool noodles into race tracks Like this family.


Pool noodles also make wicked fun wickets.

If you want your kids to learn croquet, If not, they can always just wantonly kick things around.


Make this obstacle courses from parents.



Arrange bike-washes or bike party.

this one looks like the most funactivity ever 23.

Have fun with food.

How to paint toast (edibly/non-toxically)? Check our description.


Create frozen yogurt shapes using flexible molds or ice cube trays.

they'll be just as fun to make as theywill be to eat 25.

Have them assemble their own fruit kebabs and eat them for a healthy summer snack.


Make an outdoor tic-tac- toe board somehow things get way more competitivewhen you make them larger and take them outside 27.

For a more harrowing game, stage a toy rescue mission.

They can only be released with well-aimed water guns.

Next, this is 25 Of The Best Toddler Crafts For Little Hands.

This collection of arts and crafts is perfect for little hands.

and big hands too.

Because let's be real, you’re going to want to join in.


Homemade Scented Play Dough.

Well, now there’s a recipe that’s just as fun and probably a lot less toxic! Plus, this recipe is made with powdered drink mixes, which means it smells good.

It is not edible though.

Check description for detail.


Handprint Fall Tree Craft.

Why not amp up the game a bit with some paint andcotton swabs? Plus, who DOESN’T want to turn their hand into a tree? It beats that old hand-as- turkey project any day.


Torn Paper Shape Collage.

If you’re feeling “torn” about what kind of picture to do, you can go for some minimalistic shapes, or try to copy another image.

your clues is in the description.


Wooden Block Prints.

Ever since iPads happened, blocks probably aren’t the first option.

Here’s an opportunity to dust ‘em off and put ‘em to good use in a fun and colorful way.


DIY Stamps.

Here’s a way to make artistic, abstract stamps using everyday objects.

From Irresistible Ideas For Play Based Learning 6.

Plastic Bead Suncatcher.

Get ready to take arts ‘n’ crafts to the next level.

That’s right, we’re talking some bead-melting genius that will melt your face with its Awesomeness 7.

Negative Leaf Impressions.

There’s finally a use for all the pretty leaves you found on the ground and didn’t know what to do with.

Create negative leaf impressions while building fine motor skills by spraying leaves with liquid watercolor paints 8.

Homemade Chalkboard Paint Wall Hanging.

If your children are the kind who color all over your beautiful white walls, this might help be a good form of therapy.

With a special paint, you can transform just about anything into a fun (and acceptable) drawing spot.

Continue to the description.


Poppy Painting.

Any boy or girl will love cutting circles and painting on a canvas, just like a real artist.

We’re pretty sure the end result would look fine next to some of the modern art in the MOMA 10.

Sand Painting Creation.

We will not soon forget the labor of love required to make black magic paper.

Using black construction paper looks just as cool and really makes the Artwork pop.


Sticker Paint Creation.

Use foam stickers and finger paint to mix together this colorful and fun art project.

But you know, don’t use too many colors or it’ll just turn into a greenish- brown mess (we've all been there).


Paper Photo Frames.

We say, “Bye !! to those dry macaroni frames!” This is the dawn of a new era of frame making.

Your child will hone fine motor skills while cutting paper, plus they’ll feel way more accomplished and you can still cook pasta for dinner.


Bubble Wrap Paint Print.

Just when you thought bubble wrap couldn’t get any more magical or mysterious or endlessly entertaining.

This bubble wrap print will have any child (and most adults) dying to order something fragile from Amazon and go totown.


Play Binoculars.

While these paper towel tubes won’t really enhance vision as play binoculars, they’ll definitely enhance play time.

You can get all Harriet the Spy on your neighbors or track new species of neighborhood cat.


Fossil Cookies.

We’re pretty sure that every child, at some point in his/her young life, fantasizes about digging up dinosaurbones.

We all secretly suspect there are some remains in our back yards, don’t we?.


Faux Stained Glass Window.

All those stained glass windows in cathedrals ain’t got NOTHIN’ on this little project All you need is a really fancy plastic lid, and you’ll have your own stained glass window in no time.

Hang it up and the admirers will come from all corners of the world to bask in the glory.


Cloud Dough.

This dough is one of those strange science wonders that most adults can’t even properly explain.

Don’t even ask, the most scientific explanation we have is, “Because, you know.

Stuff mixes together to make stuff.

” 18.

Rolled Golf Ball Paint Craft.

There’s something satisfying about rolling a golf ball through paint to create this easy golf ball painting.

Maybe it’s those little ridges.


Bubble Paint.

Now this is something you don’t see every day.

We dare you to find one person who doesn’t love blowing and popping bubbles.

Even if you don’t have a kid, we’re pretty sure you’ll be doing like, tomorrow.


Comb-Painted Rainbows.

Every household has about 6 or 7 spare combs at all times for whatever reason we can’t explain.

Put them to use with this project from No Time For Flashcards.


Spray Paint Craft.

Make your tot’s name really pop with this colorful spray -paint craft 22.

Edible Finger Food.

Finger paint that’s also pudding?! We can’t.

Is this heaven? All you have to do to mix these edible finger paints is use pudding and a few drops of food coloring 23.

Acorn Cap Jewels.

Make all the squirrels in the neighborhood jealous with your collection of luxurious acorn cap jewels from Paint Cut Paste! It’s super easy and fun.


Colorful Apple Print Place Mats.

Since eating apples one a day doesn’t really keep the doctor away, you may as well show them who's boss bycutting them up and using them in your artwork 25.

Homemade Goop.

Have you ever played with this stuff before?! It’s also known as "oobleck", and it's sometimes a liquid andsometimes solid.

Yeah, we don’t get it either but it will keep you mesmerized (for HOURS).

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