51 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home | Dollar Tree Organizing Ideas

51 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projects for the Entire Home | Dollar Tree Organizing Ideas

Organization does not have to be difficult,nor does it have to be expensive.

There are so many neat ways that you can repurposethings that you find at your local Dollar Store.

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51 Dollar Store Organizing Ideas and Projectsfor the Entire Home, BY VANESSA BEATY.


Plastic Crate Shelf.

These simple little plastic crates can actuallybe joined together, turned on their sides, and then attached to the wall as a cohesiveshelving unit.


Organizing Kids Drawers with Canvas Boxes.

Instead of piling everything up in drawers,you can add small plastic or canvas containers that will keep their clothes perfectly organized.


Portable Spice Kit Organizer.

These cost less than $1 at most dollar typestores and you just have to label each section (where the days are labeled) for the spicesthat you want to carry along.


Great Idea for Bath Toys.

An easy way to keep those toys from wettingthe floor and getting lost is to pick up a hook with a suction cup that will affix tothe bathtub wall.


Organizing Craft Supplies with Recycled Cans.

If you don’t have any cans around the house,you can pick up several different sizes for less than $1 each and then create your organizedcraft center.


Craft Organizer Boxes Keep Hair Supplies Tidy.

These are really cheap and the slots are perfectfor ponytail holders, bows and other accessories.


Clear Plastic Cups for Organizing Cords.

You can get several cups for just a few dollarsand you just need a holder for all of them.


Great Belt Organizer from Clothespins.

If you have a lot of belts and little roomin the closet or drawers, you can make a great organizer using just a few clothes pins anda strip of wood.


Store Dice and Small Items in Plastic Containers.

Small storage containers, that you can pickup for less than $1 each, Instead of losing the dice from your board games, why not justkeep them all in a handy little container? 10.

Magnetic Strips Keep Bobby Pins in Place.

Bobby pins, tweezers and other bathroom itemsthat are relatively small can get misplaced easily.

A simple magnetic strip will end this problem.


Build a Handy Craft Supply Organizer.

The entire project costs less than $5 andhelps you to keep from losing small craft supplies.


Ice Cube Trays Can Organize Office Supplies.

A great solution for smaller office suppliesis to use an ice cube tray.

You can get these at any Dollar Store forabout $1 (for 3 of them).


Keep Schoolwork Organized with a File Box.

You can keep all of their important papersas well as pictures and other things in a file that is labeled so you always know whereto go to get what you need.


Pop Up Hampers Make Great Toy Storage.

You can even get the little ones excited aboutpicking up their own toys when you let them “pop open” their own toy hamper.


Easy Scrapbooking Storage.

Baskets are always a great choice for storageand tiny buckets will keep stickers and other embellishments neat and tidy.


Organize Video Game Accessories with ShoeHangers.

You can hang them over the door to your child’sroom and he or she will always be able to find what they are looking for.


Cheap and Easy Organization for Outgrown Clothing.

You would be surprised at how much clothingone storage bag will hold and you can organize them by size, gender or type of clothing.


Handy Kitchen Memo Board.

Use the clothespins to keep things noted whereyou will remember what you have going on each week and you can add small cardboard boxesfor recipes and other items.


Hang Baskets on the Wall.

Not only is this an easy project, it’s avery cheap one and gives you a place to store things like towels and washcloths, toiletriesand anything else that you need extra room for.


Baskets and Totes for Organization in EveryRoom.

You can keep all of your bathroom, kitchenand bedroom belongings perfectly organized when you keep them in matching baskets ortotes.


Organize Laundry Rooms with Baskets.

Just add them to a metal rack or shelvingunit and you have perfect organization for under $10 in most cases.


Cheap and Easy Organization with Plastic Bins.

These are also great for kids’ rooms toorganize toys or you can use them wherever you need a bit of extra storage space.


Power Strip Organization.

If you have a surge protector or power stripnear your desk, you can pick up a metal basket for around $1 or so and use that to keep thatstrip off the floor where it is hidden from view.


Organize Under the Kitchen Sink.

The baskets will hold your other suppliesso that everything is neat and tidy and you can completely organize the sink for lessthan $20.


Tips for Small Bathroom Organization.

You can pick up the rope and baskets for lessthan $10 and then just hang them from top to bottom, smallest to largest.


Binders for Keeping Papers Organized.

Just choose how you want to keep things togetherand then label your binders accordingly.


Makeup Drawer Cleanup.

You can buy the containers for around $1 orso for a larger one and get several smaller ones for the same price.


Craft Ribbon Dispenser.

A great way to keep those ribbons organized(and by the way this works perfectly for Christmas wrapping ribbon as well) is to get a smallplastic basket – the kind with holes in it.


Decorate Plastic Baskets for Attractive Storage.

You can find plastic baskets in all shapesand sizes.

The ones with holes in the side are perfectfor decorating.

These also make wonderful gift holders forbaby showers.


Command Hooks for Organizing the Kitchen.

You can use the hooks to hang up plastic bottlesor affix metal shelves to the inside of the cabinet for holding sponges and other cleaningsupplies.


A Tension Rod Works Great Under the Sink.

You can also use hooks to hang your towelsor hang a small basket from hooks to keep sponges organized and give them room to dry.


Hanging Laundry Baskets Save Time.

If you hang laundry baskets on the wall andlabel them, you will be able to keep your loads sorted which will save space and timewhen it comes to washing clothes.


How I Transformed a Coat Closet into a Pantry.

You can easily turn an ordinary coat closetinto a kitchen pantry and keep it organized with just a few baskets, plastic totes andother items that are very inexpensive.


Build Your Own Clothing Storage.

Simple and cheap cardboard boxes are greatfor organizing just about anything.


Utilize Wall Space.

With a cheap wall grid, you could be keepingpictures, school papers, recipes and other items within easy reach and perfectly tidy.


Mud Room Organization.

You can label the sections for each of yourchildren and allow them to put their hats, mittens and anything that they use when playingoutside in the sections.


Large Ziploc Bags Work Great for Organizing.

You can get them in so many sizes and youcan use them in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or anywhere that you need to keep certainitems together.


Sectioned Mesh Hampers for Yarn Organization.

These are great for keeping your knittingor crocheting supplies neat.

You can keep needles in one section, yarnin one and even put knitting patterns or books in another.


Attractive and Organized Spice Cabinet.

Organizing your spices doesn’t mean completelyredoing the kitchen cabinets.

There are cheap and effective ways to keepthose spices organized.


Cheap Freezer Organization.

those little plastic baskets are a great idea.

You can pick them up for less than $1 eachin most cases and use them to keep like foods together.


Keep Jewelry Organized While Traveling.

If you are planning to travel and you needto keep jewelry organized, a pill container is great.

These things cost about $1 and will give youup to 7 different slots for jewelry.


Laundry Room Organization that Saves Time.

Organization is not difficult and will helpyou to maximize space and time.

Just begin with baskets or totes that arelabeled for cleaning supplies and even specific wash loads.


Organize Your Arts and Crafts Closet.

You can get plastic baskets that work greatfor this and they come in different sizes so you can have larger ones for coloring booksand paper and smaller ones for crayons and other items.


Easy Thread Organization.

You just need to pick up small, oblong plasticbaskets which you can find at the Dollar Store for about $1 for 2 or 3.


Add Storage to Your Closet.

You can use inexpensive hangers, like theCommand ones, and the crates have holes so they will hang easily.

Just use two hangers per crate.


Hanging Baskets for Under the Sink.

These are great for kids’ rooms for keepingtoys and books organized or you can use them for whatever you need.


Organize the Bathroom for Under $20.

Hanging shower caddies are perfect for keepingshampoos and things organized and there is no rule that says you can only have one.


Get Loads of Closet Space.

You just need a few totes, baskets and binsand you can perfectly organize any space.


Coupon Organization Made Easy.

A few inexpensive plastic containers or binderswill do the job nicely.


Mesh Hampers Keep Beach Supplies Organized.

These are very lightweight and the mesh willallow toys to air out so that they dry faster.

This is a great, and inexpensive, way to storeand transport beach toys.


Great Cooking Magazine Organization System.

Just label the page with the issue date sothat you know where it came from and you will be able to find recipes a bit faster.

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