30 Creative and Easy Fall Craft Ideas | Autumn Craft Ideas

30 Creative and Easy Fall Craft Ideas | Autumn Craft Ideas

Celebrate everything autumn with these adorableDIY decorations.

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30 Creative (and Easy!) Fall Craft Ideas.


Apple Pencil Cup.

Paint has the power to turn something ordinaryinto something unique — like this apple pencil holder your kids will love.


Pom-Pom Wreath.

A bunch of felted balls or pom-poms makesfor a wreath that's a little bit crafty, a little bit twee.


Leaf Garland.

Hang fabric scraps in harvest hues, cleverlycut in the shape of leaves.


Ombre Pinecones.

Grab some acrylic paint in three or four shadesof similar hues, and carefully paint the tips of each pinecone from light to dark.


Crochet Pumpkin Garland.

Teeny pumpkin patterns might just be the cutestcrochet idea yet.


Marbled Leaves.

Print out leaf templates onto cardstock anddip them into a marblized shaving cream concoction to make this inventive craft.


Colorful Acorns.

Paint stray acorns fun colors (add even addglitter, too!), and display in a clear bowl.


Bold Beauties.

Give the rustic look a contemporary twistby making pumpkins in a bevy of patterns.


Thoughtful Bottle.

In honor of the return of book clubs in frontof the fire, give a vino-loving hostess a gift she can hold on to — a wine journalto note her favorites.


Clever Pumpkins.

Typically found around doorways, these woodtrim corner blocks get cute second job as rustic pumpkins.


Leafy Greeter.

Snipped from patterned plaids and fuzzy felt,this wreath's faux foliage will look fresh forever.


Windy Collection.

This mobile mimics fluttering foliage — minusthe raking.


Better Buckles.

Offer a nod to Pilgrim pride this Thanksgivingwith napkin rings crafted from inexpensive buckles, ribbon, and fabric glue.


A New Leaf.

Make this fun, easy parent-and-kid project:a seasonal bookmark.


Sweet Slices.

Wooden plaques from a craft store (cut tolook like they came from a tree trunk) turn into plump pumpkins when you paint them orange.


Stripes and Spots.

Simple painted patterns give these angularpumpkins a bit of modern flair.


Bedazzled Gourds.

When we look at a blank gourd, we see starpotential.

Jazz yours up with rhinestones for a sparklytake on fall.


Welcoming Sign.

Sure, a paper banner won't last in the rain,but it's an easy way to make your outdoor space party-ready when you entertain guests.


Gourd Display.

To establish the palette for a fireplace displaythat can stay up until turkey time, drape a trio of pinked printed-fabric squares atopthe mantel, and keep them in position.


Points of Light.

Say cheese — graters, that is.

Salvaged shredders make a lovely table displaywith the illumination of votive candles twinkling through.


Leaf Luminary.

Recreate the season's glow with a mason jar-turned-luminary(starring a maple leaf cutout, of course).


Faux Foliage.

You don't have to petrify fallen leaves topreserve the best autumn colors; this wreath is actually made out of pliable aluminum cans.


Sparkling Pumpkin.

Proving that a mason jar lid can be just ascrafty, these glittery pumpkins are elegant when showcased on a chic, white plate.


Lovely Lace.

Choose yellow-orange felt for a monochromewreath that still has some lovely seasonal texture.


Seasonal Origami.

Mini pumpkins in pretty fall hues just mightbe the cutest form of origami we've ever seen.


Patterned Fabric.

The secret ingredient to these fun, patternedpumpkins? Toilet paper (yes, really).


Seasonal Shades.

Celebrate autumn leaf-peeping by turning yourpumpkin into a canvas for nature's warm and inviting colors.


Sparkly Finish.

An empty toilet paper roll can skip the recyclingbin and turn into a glittery, plump pumpkin instead.


Tasty Treat.

Forget about sewing — this blogger simplyhot glued white, orange and yellow buttons to form this fun candy corn art.


Spell It Out.

Greet guests with colorful, painted vasesthat display the season's name.

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