30 Craft Ideas for Toddlers

30 Craft Ideas for Toddlers

These are Activities for toddlers that focuson the process of creating the art rather than the outcome Try new materials and treat it as an exploration or even a sensory activity.


Paint in a baggy with an object.


Make very simple edible paint with yogurt.


Trace your toddler and have them draw themselvesa self-portrait.


Paint with a box, some objects, andshake it up.


Use a material they love.

Sand, Doodlewith some glue and play! 6.

Make prints! A toilet tube makes and awesome stamped heart.


Mix up colors (with no mess!) with thissimple setup from Mama Smiles.


Paint with trucks and other vehicles.


Use stickers for art.

Simple yet easilyforgotten about (from Rainy Day Mum).


Set up an entire table for scribbles!(from Creative Playhouse).


Colored rice art from Let Kids Create.


Put paint in a squeeze bottle! It makesit so much fun.

And anyone can do it! (from My Buddies and I) 13.

Just get dirty and have a blast with it.

Make some mud and paint away! (from The ChocolateMuffin Tree).


Make art in the bathtub, Create an entire art station in the tub (fromGrowing a Jeweled Rose).


Make a mixed media collage Using anything you have in the cupboards Hand some glue over to your toddler and let them go nuts! (from Let the Children Play) 16.

Or do the above mentioned mixed mediacollage with the previously mentioned contact paper on the window Lovely recycled art idea from The ImaginationTree 17.

Crafts for Toddlers.

Activities for toddlers that are geared moretoward the craft than the process, Although the process is still important,there is usually some outcome of the product.

for instance Make collages on contact paperwith anything! 18.

make a shoestring necklace with cut up straws, A great exercise for fine motor skills.


Simply decorate bowls (or other porcelain dishes) with sharpie markers Just protect other surfaces from the markers! 20.

Use markers (I highly recommend Crayola’s Washable Markers) they come off everything for a coffee filtergarland.


Make a holiday tree.

Just paint some branches and decorate!.


You know those yarn balloons? Well, they’re too hard for a toddler.

Just glue some yarn randomly.

Make yarn circles! 23.

Dip coffee filters in colored water todecorate for flowers! 24.

Make bird feeders with Cheerios! (fromEast Coast Mommy).


Water is my go to with the boys and painting with water has been a huge hit for my toddler.


Using some cookie cutters and other gadgets, see what marks they make in your carpet!.


Display a rainbow under salt in a trayfor some pre-writing sensory play! (from Learning 4 Kids) 28.

Similar to the contact paper art, onlymake it larger with no end purpose!.

An entire sticky table for creative play fromShare and Remember!.


Take time to explore different art materialsjust as they are, such as having some glue play from World Play House!.


And what better way to entertain a toddler than to give them a completely piece of art and let them destroy it.

Creative with Kids has wonderful ideas forcreative destruction just for toddlers!.

Source: Youtube