21 Decor ideas with Hot Glue gun+ #2

21 Decor ideas with Hot Glue gun+ #2

Hot damn.

It’s Time to learn 21 Insanely Cool Things You Can Do With A Hot Glue Gunby Alice Mongkongllite 11.

Speaking of no-sew solutions, this teepeeis as easy as can be.

Best time to use your hot glue gun: Because this tee pee is currently residing on the tile of our veranda,I used some hot glue to stabilize the bottoms on the floor.

Once I was about half a foot down, I begana system of ‘weaving’ the fabric through the poles.

Since I was choosing from my fabric stash, I would eyeball to make sure I had enough,and cut to length.

The pattern went over, under, over, under.

When one section was under, I made sure the next section tucked around the pole, so thatit was hidden.

I just made sure to hot glue as I went, andhide the wood.

Because this style is really made up ofpieces of fabric, it will have a ‘ribbony look’.

I went back on the inside, and tacked the pieces together with hot glue.

The kids said they like the ‘ribbon’, because they can peep through and see who’scoming.

Eventually the hot glue will come loose, butit’s low maintenance and easy to repair.


Make darling little winter decorationsby using a glue gun and nail polish 13.

Doodle on a rolling pin with glue to createa custom roller stamp.


Up-cycle a computer chair with a quickglue gun upholstery job.

I used about a yard of home décor weightfabric for this makeover.

I began by taking the original fabric offthe top part of the chair (the frame just pops off,so I didn’t hot glue it or anything last time and it held just fine), Next, I cut out a piece of fabric the samesize to recover with.

Then, I just laid the seat (it unscrews fromthe chair frame), facedown, on top of my fabric, cut out a square of fabric a bit bigger thanI thought I’d need, and began by hot gluing the four edges downon top of the cardboard backing.

Last, I fold the corners (similar to how youwrap a gift), and hot glue down.


Skip a trip to Diagon Alley by makingyour own wand at home.

“Wingardium levioooosa.

” Use holly wood,vine wood, hornbeam wood, hawthorn wood or 15″ bamboo cooking chopsticks ifyou don't have Slytherin Or Ravenclaw DNA in your blood.

First, heat up the glue gun and put hot glueall over the “handle” part of the wand.

It will look like crap when it’s still glue-colored,but once you get the paint on there it will look way better (although still “rustic”).

It takes quite a bit of glue (I probably used 2 full sticks on the more….

Glue-y ones).

Be careful not to burn yourself.

If you get it at just the right time, when the glue’spretty set but not all the way set, you can roll it on some paper or between yourhands to smooth it out some.

But don’t burn yourself! I experimentedwith different patterns.

Some I put lots of glue all over.

I did acouple in a spiral pattern.

Some I just did glue in two spots to differentiatethe handle part.

Then you paint.

Use solid colors on some ofthe wands, and for others, kind of swirled two different browns together to get a morevariegated look.

I went back with a q-tip to get some of thehard to reach places where the glue was.

Then lay them all out on newspaper and spraya few coats of the sealant on (I sprayed one side a few times, let it dry,flipped them over to do the other side, then repeated a couple of times).

All done! Time for fire up your imagination.

Or your children imagination.


Deck out plain old votives with some hotglue and paint.

V fancy.

V easy.

First, It should also be at least 4 incheswide so that the heat from the candle doesn't melt the glue when you're finished.

This isvery important.

Instruction: 1.

Coat the vase with vegetable oil spray.

If too much oil builds up, simply blot it with a paper towel so there's an even, thincoat on all outside surfaces of the vase.


Next, glue the bottom of the vase in yourdesired pattern.

I chose swirls for my round vase.

They key is to make sure that the glueoverlaps in many spots on the vase so it will hold together once you remove it.


It should look like this once you've finishedthe bottom.


Use the same technique on the sides, Overlapthe glue swirls onto the ones you've just created on the bottom.

You may want to wear protective gloves because the hot glue will heat up the glass.


Once the glue has dried and cooled, removeit from the vase.

Use your fingers to carefully lift the glue layer.

Take a small screwdriverto pass this process.


Slide the glue completely off of the vase.

Wash the vase and the glue layer (very carefully) with dish soap to remove the vegetable oilspray.

Let it dry completely.


It should look something like this.


Once the glue has dried off, bring it outsideand spray paint it according to the instructions on the can.

Let the paint dry thoroughly andslide it back onto the vase.

and that's it For the rectangular vase.

First, ensure that your vase is at least 4inches wide at its narrowest point.

I chose a geometric design for this one, to accentuateits rectangular shape.

If you're about to copy this design, be sureto add a line of glue around the top edge of the vase to reinforce it.

I chose goldspray paint for this one, giving it a metallic look.

These votive holders are perfect for the holidays,and they make great gifts for everyone on your list They also double as flower vases if candlesaren't your thing.

Your friends won't believe that you made them! 17.

Dabs of glue can make some decorativedots for your scrapbook.

This could also be a great little embellishmentfor cards.

I used a glue gun and made this little gluedots, it took a bit of practice until you get the perfect dot.

Then you just need to paint the back using any acrylic paintLet it dry and you are done! look how pretty they look 🙂 18.

Mounted Toy Animal Heads.

Instruction: Cut their head offspray paint your wooden plaques with whatever color you likespray paint the animal head white, or any color you wantand lasty, Hot glue their new head with the wooden plagues.


Craft a Color-block coiled rope basketMore detail visit designsponge.


It’s hot glue intensive.


Craft your own Jewelry box.

Step 1.

Measure out the inside of the crate,and cut the cork to fit inside the bottom.

Step 2.

Cut a square of fabric about an inchor so longer than the cork on each side, fold the edges back and secure with hot glue.

Step 3.

Place your cork tile into the bottom of the crate.

It should fit snugly! You canuse a little hot glue on the bottom of your crate if the tile wiggles too much.

Step 4.

Screw in a couple of cup hooks on each side.

These are best for holding longernecklaces that may not fit inside the crate.

Step 5.

Nail a couple of sawtooth hangersfor hanging.

Step 6.

Hang your crate, then stick T-pinsin the cork to hang necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc.

This is a functional yet eye-pleasingway to display all your favorite jewelry! 21.

No Sew DIY Fabric LettersAn Affordable solution to recycle some historical old pillows you keep in your attic.


Craft Flameless Rose Tea Lights1.

Glue rose petals onto plastic spoons (remove the handles).


Glue spoons to the top of the light.


Add another layer to the bottom half.


Cover the rest with a layer of petals.

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