20 Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids to Make | Christmas Craft For Kids

20 Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kids to Make | Christmas Craft For Kids

These adorable ornaments are simple enoughfor little hands.

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20 Easy Christmas Ornament Crafts for Kidsto Make.



Give a hand.

These adorable snowmen give a new meaningto finger painting.

Your kids’ hands make up the bodies andthe snowy hill, and children can customize the rest with top hats and carrot noses.



Sure, you could incorporate your kid’s schoolportrait into your yearly Christmas crafting, but getting your kids to draw their own representationsof themselves is even more fun—especially if you make it a tradition to see how theychange in their own eyes.


Star of wonder.

These fun stars use a creative material: lollipopsticks.

Just make sure you get fresh ones, not yourkids’ leftovers.



Watercolors elevate your typical Christmastree craft, making a beautiful addition to your real tree.


Cold as ice.

Turn Christmas prep into a learning experiencewith this icicle ornament science experiment.

Borax helps create these impressive crystals,and you and your children will be amazed watching them grow.


White Christmas.

Help your kids mix the dough, then let themform it into any holiday shape their hearts desire, complete with funky beads to jazzthem up.


Pining for the holidays.

These pom-pom pinecones couldn’t be simpler—eventoddlers will end up with beautiful results.


Stick it.

These minimalist triangle-shaped trees areeasy for little hands to make and decorate.

Head over to One Little Project for the fulldirections.


Feeling frosty.

Plain bulbs get a major upgrade when yourkids get their hands (literally) on some paint and little handprints turn into friendly snowmen.


Little fingers.

Give your kids the thumbs-up to turn theirfingerprints into reindeer.

With a little red nose, these Rudolf facescouldn’t be cuter.


Downward spiral.

These abstract Christmas trees spirals area pretty addition to your ornament collection.

You can even use the same technique for stars,crosses, and other festive shapes.


Spiced up.

These cute gingerbread man ornaments lookand smell like the real deal, but these cookie decorations meant for admiring, not eating.


Bottled up.

Put leftover bottle caps to good use by turningthem into fun snowman ornaments.


A cut above.

These beautiful ornaments have a rustic charm—andsmell just like apple cinnamon.

Your kids can help mix the dough and use cookiecutters to create hearts, stockings, or whatever inspires you.


Cinnamon spice.

A cinnamon stick makes these DIY decorationsa spicy addition to your Christmas collection.

Add a few buttons to add a pop of color as“ornaments” on your makeshift tree.


Glitter and glitz.

No one would ever guess these gorgeous starornaments started as lowly paper towel rolls.

Help your kids glue slices together, thenlet them go crazy with glitter to glam up these glitzy stars.


Oh deer.

Help your children turn their handprints intothese quirky reindeer.

Your kids will love watching how their handsgrow from one year to the next.


Final straw.

Pretty paper straws turn into gorgeous Christmastrees with this simple DIY.


Cork it.

Corks from your Thanksgiving bottles makea great base for these cute reindeer ornaments.


Not a creature stirring.

These friendly mice will be adorable scurryingup your tree this Christmas.

Swap out pretty patterned scrapbook paperfor plain white if your kids want to decorate the little critters themselves.

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