Оригами цветы :: РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКАЯ ПУАНСЕТТИЯ из бумаги

Оригами цветы :: РОЖДЕСТВЕНСКАЯ ПУАНСЕТТИЯ из бумаги

Hello everyone today I'll show you how make a beautiful Christmas flower made of paper.

This poinsettia.

It blooms only for the new year if you like this flower laykayte, share the roller.

let's together we will make this beautiful crafts To do this you need a flower prepare 4 square double-sided red paper, it is desirable to Paper was not thin.

square with a size of 17 cm square – 14 cm square – 11 centimeters.

and 7 centimeters.

It is also useful to you glue pencil, Now his scissors pirates pictures squares, we will cut flowers.

To add a flower, I'll show you how to bend the paper.

So bend diagonally and the resulting triangle fold in half.

Disclose it.

Upper corner bends here to this point, but do not crease, but only put one label.

Here is this label.

Now the upper corner buckle to this tag.

and make the crease.

Look here she passed our crease.

We need to turn in that direction here so to fold passed from this point and up to that point where the crease ends.

See how it would be.

So I pick up area I combine with this point and make the crease.

And on the other side of the same.

folds It takes place from this point to that point.

I take over the area of ​​paper and combine and do fold.

Now, I turn to this fold paper on the other side.

Like this.

And here bends – to this line.

turn and another pile.

This land here to this line.

It turned out is such a blank.

Now I have extra paper cut.

See how the line cutting will take place.

It will be held here from this point to this point.

this point of the singer on the other hand is not You see, the other side of the tail end.

Cut off along that line.

This paper, we no longer need.

We check that we have all been smooth.

And now we have to draw the outline of a flower Draw a line.

You draw with a pencil, and I felt-tip pen, so you can see better.

That's the line we will have.

If you can not draw – download flower pattern on my website.

Now I carefully cut out flower on this line.

Expand and see what we've got.

Look how beautiful! With this pattern, it is necessary to cut the flowers of the biggest and the smallest square.

You need to get here such.

For the middle two squares, we will use a different template.

Folding, they will be just as well.

Again we put our box.

First, on the diagonal, then in half Expand, top corner down, nick This metochke bends top corner, pleat To this point, the bottom panel side, We combine.

By the same method of radiation is composed of 5 snowflake.

This corner so we add, go too to the other side by the crease.

Bends the edge to this line here, this part of the bend back.

I turned the figure.

Cut the excess portion And draw a new pattern.

This is the template number 2 on my website.

like this Cut flower pattern, unfold.

It turns out that's a flower.

Please note that the flowers of the two different patterns differ slightly You should have 4 flower.

let's We prepare them for assembly.

Every flower we must bend to the petals he looked up.

According to the crease bend – it turns out the valley.

And this, and so in the same way.

See, now all the petals bent valleys.

And others just do it.

Bend in the opposite direction along the crease that there New wrinkles do not have to.

Middle Flower twist, and the last is the smallest.

Now we are going to glue the flowers Let's start with the biggest take the biggest flower and at this point midway smear adhesive.

I use a glue pen.

Here are smeared.

Now I take the average flower.

it depends I have it I place – slightly offset.

and pasting the center.

I hold that stuck.

Now I take the flower we need to tighten up petals, to be curved This can be done with the fingers or scissors.

a little bit I spend, I press a finger and tighten the petals.

Now again I smear glue the flower center.

And again in this place with an offset pasting the third flower.

It remains the last flower.

Petals last We also: twisting.

Spending a little pair of scissors or fingers as you wish.

It can be screwed on a pencil.

Clay lubricates the inside of the flower.

And the last flower glue glue inside the center.

Now let us make a flower relief The lower two tiers of petals Fold the fingers on the crease The second tier of the same bend.

A recycled flowers we simply lifted Left Center glue beads Beads better will paste glue gun.

Or use glue point I point-crystal Apply glue and glue the beads 3 things The result was a bright Christmas poinsettia These flowers can decorate holiday table or use crafts for decoration postcards and wall newspapers Do not forget to share with your friends roll Put your fingers up and subscribe to my channel.

Until we meet again!.

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