Оригами из бумаги :: Смешные кубики :: Игра кубик меняет лицо

Оригами из бумаги :: Смешные кубики :: Игра кубик меняет лицо


Meet the cubes that change the face Our Heroes: sissy, crazy, evil Strange Our cubes mood changes and they can change a person.

Watch as the blocks have changed.

And who is the fifth? Let's do it together Take a sheet of colored paper fold it in half Cut the sheet into 2 parts Get 2 rectangle.

Now we have to make 2 square We fold diagonally one rectangle and the second rectangle also diagonally Excess of the prune and here, too, It turned out two triangles or 2 perfect square We work with one Fold again diagonally Expand every corner of the bottom panel to the center The lower edge of the middle of the dying The upper edge of the buckle to the middle Unveiling paper.

Consuming one down corner and turn down the other up.

Now Fold the bottom edge of the horizontal line, do fold and to the same line turn in the upper section.

Let us make one more crease.

Reverses and turns the workpiece.

Make diagonal in this krvadratike.

Now here in this box diagonal.

Rotate the blank This box will do the diagonal.

and in this square will make diagonal.

overturn Apply pressure with your fingers on the triangles and collect a box.

Turn the workpiece is bent Peel back a triangular flap down.

finally Folding the second part of the same boxes Ready two parts joined them.

To do this, open these here parts and a second box are putting in here.

One part of the toy is ready, proceed to the second assembly.

From the white paper will cut square measuring 20 by 20 centimeters that then Cube is easily entered into the box.

Fold has a diagonal, We turn and still we put on the diagonal.

Flip and fold the sheets in half.

Turn around and selling midway up We turned figure – a double triangle.

Take one corner and buckled up.

The second just buckled up.

This corner to the middle.

This corner to the middle, too.

Overturn, do exactly the same Get two pockets Small triangle turn down and inserted into the pocket.

Make a crease.

The second place the second pocket.

Also, we do the other side.


Bend the upper triangle one way and another.

The lower part of the same.

On a smooth surface in the central part on the one hand and on the other draw eyes.

Cool eyes you can download on my site When the eyes painted, crafts through hole nadyvaem Cube with eyes in the insert box.

Guess what eyes at the fifth! Fifth – cool!.

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