Оригами из бумаги :: Как сделать конверт своими руками

Оригами из бумаги :: Как сделать конверт своими руками

Hello! You channel gamejulia Today, I'll teach you to do wonderful origami envelope perfect for envelope greetings or for a declaration of love See what cute hearts.

It's a simple hack and it can be done in 1 minute Required Watch the video to the end I will announce the winner of the last minikonkursa.

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Take 1/2 of A4 paper fold in half sheet Fold the crease to cut paper verzhny Now bend to the fold of the lower section The lower section of the bend to the edge Make sure the fold is held smoothly And to this end turn in the upper section of the paper I am doing crease The lower section of the vertical line to the bend folds Brainstorm And this region to turn in a vertical line Open the paper We had a 2 pocket – top and bottom In these pockets, place the paper corners Left stick hearts.

Hearts can draw a felt-tip pen, and I'll cut them out of red paper.

Draw a heart and cut it.

And now I glue them to the envelope One is in the lower right corner, and the second upper.

You can write a wish on the envelope, then it should be disclosed.

In this part, you can write a wish.

You can put it in an envelope note.

Choose any color paper envelope.

And now I will sum up the results of the contest.

Frankly, it was hard to choose.

You wrote me so many good things.

Thank you thank you for it! the winner's name in an envelope Winner – Svetlana Matkovska.

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