Новогодняя оригами коробочка с сюрпризом

Новогодняя оригами коробочка с сюрпризом

New year – it's always magic and surprises! Today I'll show you how to do Christmas origami box with a surprise for your friends.

This is an easy hack, you can easily do this a simple box, a surprise pick up themselves.

For the crafts we need colored paper a little Christmas magic and the box is ready! Crafts going like this: Take a sheet of colored paper.

Fold in half.

Bend in the middle put the label.

I take over the area of ​​paper and am getting an edge to this tag.

I do crease.

This edge bend to the line.

Flips the sheet to the other side a small corner of buckling up.

I disclose the entire sheet.

I collect paper at the crease.

Flips the sheet on the other side.

For this fold is folded corner.

Bottom corner bend to the other side.

The result was a triangle.

We find the middle of this side Bend the corner to this point, and put a label.

This turn in the label area.

I do crease.

And disclose this area at this point buckle.

And this area at this point.

Drop-down white triangle and hide inside.

Find the center of the small triangle.

Folded in half and put one piece of the label.

And on the other side the same way.

2 line crossed in center of the triangle.

I put the point marker.

By this point the buckled area, this little corner, and the upper corner.

We begin collecting box.

On the right side we've got 2 pockets In the upper corner of the pocket 2 put that at the top.

You can glue, so as not to fall out.

If you put in your pocket the remaining valve – turn box.

I will put a surprise – I have this candy and close the box.

Capsule surprise is ready and it can give.

You can make another for loop boxes to hang it on the Christmas tree.

Now I'll show how to make a loop.

At the end of the lace tie a large knot.

Take the box and we start a loop in the area.

Close the valve Summing loop in the area.

You can hang on the Christmas tree box.

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Upcoming holidays!.

Source: Youtube